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The Essential Element™

A Project Coordinator is the Essential Element™ to a Project Team!

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The Essential Element™

Every Project Manager and Estimator needs a Project Coordinator that supports them by performing administrative tasks, communicating with customers, and helping ensure projects are completed on time, within budget, and on schedule.

Project Coordinators are usually thrown into the fire with minimum guidance, very little understanding of what a project manager does, and how to effectively be a great team member. Most companies are moving at lightening speed and only can provide a 5-min crash course of just do this.

The Essential Element™ is a jam packed 8-hr course focused on developing project coordinators and setting them up to be a successful project team member so project managers can run more projects.
Topic include but not limited to:
  • Roles and understanding how to support Project Managers and the team
  • Project Management introduction to Process Groups, Knowledge Areas, and different processes.
  • Introduction to Project Management concepts and principles (e.g. Cost of Quality)
  • Introduction to project management Tools & Techniques used for efficiency and effectiveness.
  • This is the foundation to carving a path to receiving Trifecta’s Restoration Project Coordinator Certification™. Recommended for new or seasoned project administrative personnel that supports a project manager. The course is also great for individuals looking to launch their career in the restoration or construction industry.
  • *Highly recommend taking our Restoration Warrior Workshop immediately following to learn how to implement the tools and techniques learned in this course.