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Restoration Warrior™

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Project Management

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Restoration Warrior™ PM Workshop

A MUST have workshop after attending Trifecta’s LinchPin™ and Essential Element™ project management training courses. This workshop is dedicated to connecting the dots for tools and techniques introduced in the above courses and provides real world “Best Practices” for planning out projects.

The focus will be toward a set of 4 key tools that allows a project manager and their team to plan out a project at the onset to reduce the need to continually re-learn a project over and over again. This workshop sets your team up for success by creating processes and procedures that allow for easy customer education and understanding ultimately reducing issues as the project progresses.
*Attendees are required to bring 2 actual jobs to the workshop so the tools can be used to develop a template for future use after the workshop.*

*Highly recommended your project team take this workshop together.