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Who's Your Client? Homeowner or Adjuster?

Master the art of client relationships and unlock the key to successful restoration projects by understanding the needs of both homeowners and adjusters.
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What you are going to learn

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Embark on a journey to understand the dynamics of client relationships in the restoration industry with this captivating video course. Whether you're a restoration professional, an adjuster, or involved in insurance claims, this course provides essential knowledge on identifying your primary client: the homeowner or the adjuster. You will explore the unique perspectives, needs, and expectations of both parties, and learn how to effectively navigate and balance their interests.

The course covers key topics such as building trust and rapport with homeowners and adjusters, understanding their roles in the restoration process, managing expectations, resolving conflicts, and fostering positive long-term relationships. 

Key Takeaways
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the homeowner and adjuster as primary clients in the restoration industry.
  • Learn effective strategies for building trust and rapport with homeowners and adjusters.
  • Understand the roles and expectations of both parties in the restoration process.
  • Develop skills to manage expectations and address conflicts between homeowners and adjusters.
  • Foster positive, long-term relationships with clients for successful restoration projects.