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Using Contacts in Job-Dox

What you can do with contacts in Job-Dox from desktop?
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What you are going to learn

Using Contacts in Job-Dox

Unleash the power of contact management in Job-Dox with this engaging video course. Whether you're a project manager, a contractor, or a team member, this course provides essential knowledge on effectively utilizing the contacts feature to streamline your workflow and enhance collaboration. 

The course covers key topics such as managing client contacts, subcontractor databases, and vendor lists, utilizing contact groups for targeted communication, customizing contact fields for relevant information, and integrating contacts with project tasks and schedules. 
Key Takeaways
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the contact management system in Job-Dox.
  • Learn effective techniques for creating and organizing client contacts, subcontractor databases, and vendor lists.
  • Utilize contact groups for targeted and efficient communication.
  • Customize contact fields to capture and track relevant information.
  • Integrate contacts seamlessly with project tasks and schedules.