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Syclone LGR 145 Dehumidifier

The Syclone LGR145 is an intelligently designed dehumidifier ideal for any number of applications. 
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Syclone LGR 145 Dehumidifier Overview

Syclone dehumidifiers have been trusted for decades to restore buildings to pre-loss conditions because they are reliable, easy to maintain, and do the heavy lifting.

When you are dealing with heavy flood damage and are done removing standing water, your team needs a unit that removes the hard water consistently so that you can provide scalable results at every job. Buy a Syclone today and dry with confidence knowing that this dehumidifier will remove water just as smoothly at your current job as it did during your last!
Key Takeaways
  • High-capacity dehumidifier designed for large commercial spaces & large flood jobs
  • Built-in humidistat, allowing you to set the humidity to the level that you want.
  • Remove up to 145 pints of moisture per day
  • Dries faster than other XL Syclone units
  • Distance monitoring using Command Hub