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Texas Smart Start Plus Package

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What you are going to learn

Texas Smart Start Plus Package

This Smart Start Plus Package was designed to save you money on Texas adjuster training and take care of the biggest and most important issues you need to address as you pursue your career as an insurance adjuster. 2021 Training is committed to getting you started with a solid foundation with this course bundle. It will help you launch your adjusting career the right way. This package is for anyone getting into insurance adjusting.

The Smart Start Plus Package includes 4 courses to prepare you for adjusting:
  • Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Course
  • Xactimate Training Course
  • Practical Adjusting Course
  • Basics of Construction Course

**This is not for a Public Adjusters License and will not allow you to work as a Public Adjuster in ANY state.**

Getting You Started Smart

Insurance adjusters are responsible for evaluating and assessing damages to property and assessing the claims of policyholders. As such, adjusters need to have a thorough understanding of the insurance industry in order to do their job correctly. This package covers a summary of the basics of the insurance industry, and it can provide any new adjusters with the knowledge and skills needed to make informed decisions regarding claims and damages.

What Your Training Package Will Teach You

First, you will get your Texas All-Lines Adjuster License with the first course. By taking a class covering a summary of the basics of the insurance industry, you will learn about the different types of insurance policies, coverage limits and exclusions, and how to properly assess and document damages. This will ensure that you are able to accurately assess the damages that have occurred and that you are able to determine the most appropriate course of action.

Second, you will learn Xactimate. This is an essential skill for all property adjusters as it is the number one adjusting software preferred by most carriers.

Third, you will learn the process of adjusting a claim with the Practical Adjusting course. This is a must-have course if you plan on working in the field giving you knowledge and skill to confidently adjust your first claim.

Fourth, you will learn basic construction skills and knowledge with the Basics of Construction course.

We’ll Set You Up For Success

These four courses will give you a great foundation for starting your career as an adjuster. This is what most will use to prepare themselves for success on their first deployment.
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