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Sapphire Scientific Peak 500 Truck Mount

Revolutionize your cleaning with Sapphire Scientific's Peak 500 Truck Mount - the ultimate solution for powerful, efficient, and long-lasting results!
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Sapphire Scientific Peak 500 Truck Mount

Value-priced and 50-state CARB-compliant, this liquid-cooled unit delivers enough heat and vacuum to operate a six-jet wand flat out. Heats fast but sips fuel at only 1 gallon per hour. Lowest cost CARB-compliant machine in its class! Cerakote treatment on exhaust components reduces truck mount and van interior temps.
Key Takeaways
  • Fast warm-up period and holds the heat using 6-flow wand
  • Cerakote® treated exhaust reduces radiant heat from exhaust components up to 30%
  • Stainless steel/copper finned tube coil design with manual adjustment control
  • Easy to use manual temperature control