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Sapphire Scientific Apex 570 Truck Mount

Experience unmatched power and performance with the Sapphire Scientific Apex 570 Truck Mount, revolutionizing the world of professional cleaning!
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Sapphire Scientific Apex 570 Truck Mount

The new standard in durability and reliable heat! Powered by a liquid-cooled cast iron Kubota engine, this unit uses the patented Sapphire Scientific triple-source thermal well system to deliver consistent high heat. Cerakote ceramic coating lowers the heat radiation on all exhaust components by more than 30%—extends truck mount life and helps to keep van interiors cooler.
  • Sapphire Scientific Apex 570 Truck Mount showcased.
  • Unrivaled power and performance for professional cleaning.
  • Cutting-edge technology ensures superior cleaning results.
  • Reliable and efficient equipment for cleaning businesses.
  • Elevate your cleaning capabilities with Apex 570 Truck Mount.