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Sapphire Scientific 370SS Truck Mount

Unlock the Secrets of Unmatched Cleaning Expertise with the Sapphire Scientific 370SS Truck Mount!
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Sapphire Scientific Peak 500 Truck Mount

Tapping into the 30+ years of experience of well-known industry truck mount experts, the patent-pending 370SS design employs trusted components combined with ingenious uses of space and high-efficiency heat exchange to simplify operation and maintenance and ensure the longest service life at lower cost.

Utilizing a unique patent-pending heat diverter system to keep the blower cool, Sapphire truck mounts do not bypass or dump water to the waste tank, no matter how much time elapses. This saves water and preserves space in the waste tank, allowing operators to keep cleaning carpets longer.
Key Takeaways
  • Requires 50% less cubic space than other competitive models, freeing up precious van space
  • Allows complete temperature control up to 250° F | 121° C
  • One of the most rigid frames ever built reduces vibration and increases reliability
  • Last-step chemical injection ensures peak performance from water pump system
  • Save water and chemicals!