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Other Types Of Insurance – Farm, Crop, Flood, Etc.
(8 CE Hrs)

This 8-hr CE class will discuss some of the more uncommon insurances that we deal with.

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8 CE Hrs

2021 Training 

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Other Types Of Insurance – Farm, Crop, Flood, Etc. (8 CE Hrs)

This 8-hr CE class will discuss some of the more uncommon insurances that we deal with. This is a great class to build your awareness of the other facets of insurance that you may choose to work in.

Helping You Be Prepared For Anything

As an adjuster, you might come across some uncommon insurances that are tailored to specific needs. For example, a pet insurance policy may cover medical care for your pet if they experience an illness or injury, and some homeowners may have coverage to protect them from earthquakes, floods, or other natural disasters that are not typically covered by standard homeowners insurance policies. Other uncommon insurances could include coverage for alternative transportation, such as scooters, golf carts, or Segways, or even a specialty insurance policy to cover a collection of valuable items. There is coverage for just about anything! With this course, we can teach you the ins and outs of uncommon insurance coverages and how to handle them.

Why Are Other Insurance Coverages Important?

Many of the more uncommon insurances that you might come in contact with are important for farmers and agricultural businesses to manage the risks associated with their operations. For instance, farm insurance helps protect farmers from financial losses from unexpected events, such as animal death, crop failure, or natural disasters. Flood insurance helps protect businesses from losses caused by floods, which can be particularly devastating for agricultural businesses that rely on the land and water for their livelihoods. Crop insurance helps farmers offset the financial losses associated with crop failure due to unfavorable weather or other circumstances. All of these insurance policies help farmers and agricultural businesses mitigate their risks and protect their investments.

Expert Training For The Unexpected

From Media Liability to Product Recall, there are many, many types of insurance out there that most people would be surprised to find out that they exist!

We have the training opportunities you need if you want to learn everything you need to know to work as a professional and licensed adjuster in Texas. This course covers specific situations you might run into, but we also offer other courses to help you learn the specifics. Through practice exams and simulations, the course also offers students the chance to obtain practical experience. You will gain the ability to use what you are learning in a real-world situation. 

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