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Large Loss Mastery: Biz-Dev

Unleash your business's potential with Large Loss Mastery – Business Development (BIZ DEV), a comprehensive 2-day course led by industry experts, providing proven strategies to navigate the disaster recovery landscape, seize opportunities, and compete effectively.

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Large Loss Mastery: Biz-Dev Overview

Large Loss Mastery – Business Development (BIZ DEV): If you don’t understand your business how can you develop it? LLM BIZ DEV offers attendees the opportunity to learn proven methods to navigate the world of business development. In this ever changing disaster recovery business climate it is important for owners and managers to understand what options they have and how and when to implement winning strategies. LLM BIZ DEV focuses on fire, water and natural disaster opportunities and combines over 100 years of industry experienced experts. Learn what to do and what not to do to grow your business. LLM-BIZ DEV is designed to give the attendee the tools necessary to find and compete for any size property damage loss and complete them efficiently and effectively. 

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Instructor: Thomas McGuire