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Ethical Principles
(2 CE Hrs)

This 2-hour CE course will discuss ethics as they are related to the insurance licensee.

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2 CE Hrs

2021 Training 

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Ethical Principles (2 CE Hrs)

This 2-hour CE course will discuss ethics as they are related to the insurance licensee. This will satisfy the 2-hour ethics requirement with the Texas Department of Insurance to renew your insurance license in Texas.

The state of Texas requires all insurance adjusters to take and pass a course on ethical principles in order to preserve the trust between a claimant and their insurance adjuster. This will cover aspects of the job such as conflicts of interest, potential bias, and other aspects of navigating the insurance industry. By the time you finish this course, not only will your required course conditions be met, but you will also have a stronger understanding of the importance of maintaining good ethical procedures. You will also be better equipped to put those lessons into practice.

Setting You Up For Success

Ethical principles are an important part of the job. Being an insurance adjuster means that you will be in close contact with people when they are in very vulnerable situations and need to feel confident that you really have their best interest in mind. People seek out insurance adjusters when they have suffered a loss of some kind or have experienced an event that has left damage to their belongings or property. People can be wary of insurance adjusters who don’t appear to have a strong sense of ethics. That’s where the 2021 Training’s Ethical Principles course comes in.

Adjusting insurance claims calls for justice and integrity. In every situation, the adjuster must put the claimant’s interests ahead of their own. This means that the claimant should not be forced to select a particular person or business to handle repairs or other services associated with the claim by the adjuster. There shouldn’t be any conflicts of interest because of the relationship between a particular party and an insurance provider or adjuster.

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The Texas All-Lines Pre-Licensing Course satisfies all testing requirements for the Texas Department of Insurance for the Texas All-Lines Insurance Adjuster License. At the completion of this course, you receive a certificate that is submitted with the application to the state showing that you have met the testing requirements.

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