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CAL/OSHA Electrical Safety

Online Certification Course | Title 8 CCR, Section 2299–2599 & 2700–298
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2 Hours

OSHA | Safety

0.2 CEUs (or 2 CMEs)

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Quick Overview

This online certification course presents an overview of the State of California regulations for work around low-voltage and high-voltage electrical installations. The course covers the Cal/OSHA Electrical Safety Orders (ESOs) outlined in Title 8 of the Code of California Regulations; hazards of working near or around electricity; and employer and employee responsibilities for ensuring a safe workplace.

Working with electricity is almost unavoidable, and the hazards of electrical shock are well documented. Still, exposure to electricity remains a major hazard on the job. Depending on the amount of electrical current and the length of time the current is present in the body, electrical shock can result in injury or death. Anyone who works with electricity on the job needs to understand and follow applicable safety regulations.
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In nearly every occupation, workers are exposed to electrical energy as they complete their job duties. Any employee exposed to hazardous electricity needs adequate electrical safety training. This electrical safety training online course meets these requirements.


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