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Phoenix 200HT LGR Dehumidifier

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Phoenix 200HT LGR Dehumidifier Overview

The Phoenix 200 HT is the ultimate XL size low grain refrigerant dehumidifier with high temperature performance. The 200 HT is designed to achieve maximum water removal capacity through ambient conditions up to 125ºF.

The Phoenix 200 HT, featuring its patented Bypass Technology and innovative engineering design, allows superior performance in high ambient temperatures.
  •  Improved water removal
    135 pints/day at AHAM, 31 gals/day maximum
  • Improved grain depression
    The driest air from an LGR
  • Multiple air filter options
    Standard 65% MERV-11
  • Multiple ducting options
    12” intake, 10” layflat supply
  • 7.2 amps
    Removes over 6.5 pints/kWh
  • R410a Refrigerant
  • Stainless steel cabinet
  • Internal pump with 30 feet of hose
  • Five-year warranty on the sealed refrigeration system